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dialogue-tags-1024x402A great piece by Lynette Noni! The He-Said-She-Said Of Dialogue Tags.

Deadly Cult CoverI’ve got a confession. I’m gay. Okay, perhaps not a big deal today, but growing up in the 1970s it was. I also had a double-whammy. My father was a minister, which made me the preacher’s gay kid. Check out the piece I wrote for Bold Strokes Books’ Author Blog

Janet Reid, Literary Agent: Agents going off the rail: is a great piece.

“A while back I posted a question from a writer who seriously wondered if her agent was dead or abducted by aliens.” Read more.

Writer Tim Federle, author of two books for young readers, appeared in the New York Times “The Read Around.” It’s worth watching!

Brooklyn-Graves-InviteAnother great blog by Triss Stein. “I have been asked before about writing routines, methods, process, schedule, and I am tempted to say, ‘What is this language you are speaking?'” she writes. “While I am a person who in real life makes lists, uses calendars, keeps addresses, labels freezer packages (and harasses my family to do likewise), my writing life only works when I lean back and let it happen. This is not the same as waiting for inspiration, though. Professionals show up ready to work.” Read the full article here.

pinkerI’m fascinated by Steven Pinker’s book, The Better Angels of Our Nature: Why Violence Has Declined. Pinker argues that violence in the world has declined over the span of time. (He also talked about this subject at TED Talks.)

His thesis is pretty convincing. But after reading the article Books Bound In Human Skin in the International Business Times, I’m absolutely convinced Pinker is right.

Since violence is declining over time, does this spell the death of crime fiction? I doubt it. Pinker also argues that because of today’s almost instant media, the public is more aware of violence, and therefore believes that society today is more violent than in other times.

On the topic of connecting with your readers: sometimes your biggest fans won’t read your books. And that’s all right. Here’s a year-old post I did for Bold Strokes Books.

Bold Strokes Books Authors' Blog

By Joel Gomez-Dossi

My thirteen-year-old nephew is a mystery and action/adventure fanatic. He never passes up an opportunity to read an Arthur Conan Doyle story. (He says he likes Sherlock Holmes because the guy’s really smart.) My nephew devoured The Hunger Games Trilogy in a couple of weeks. (His only complaint is that the heroine, Katniss, thinks too much for someone about to be killed.) And he believes Neil Gaiman is the best author. Ever. (His stuff is really cool.)

At a recent family get-together, he pulled me aside. He was pissed because his mom and dad wouldn’t let him to read my first novel,Pursued.BSB_Pursued_3ds It wasn’t the book’s gay content that bothered his parents. They felt the adult themes weren’t appropriate for a boy his age. And I agree. Pursued is about an openly gay college junior who wants a boyfriend more than anything else in the…

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