crossfirePlease check out BOLD STROKES BOOKS INTERVIEW with AUTHOR JULIANN RICH. Her novel, Caught in the Crossfire, is excellent. Juliann just received the Saints & Sinners Emerging Writer Award.


For a unique and efficient use of social media, please read this article in Schenectady’s Daily Gazette: Runaway cattle found in Bruswick.

SASFEST-2014-COVERAre you a saint or a sinner? I don’t know, but I’ll be at the literary festival in New Orleans next week, beginning on Thursday evening, May 15 through Sunday, May 18. On Saturday, I’ll be reading from my newest novel, Deadly Cult. On Sunday, I’ll participate on the panel Return Engagement, The Art of the Sequel. If you’re in NOLA, I hope to see you!

billy-bathgate-novel-e-l-doctorow-paperback-cover-artI developed a fascination with 1930’s gangsters after reading E. L. Doctorow’s Billy Bathgate. While changing a little of the history, Doctorow succeeded in showing the ragged and violent edge of the gangster Dutch Schultz. A while back I wrote a piece for Criminal Element, about Schultz, and how prohibition-era gangsters exemplify the American dream. They beat the economic system and acquired immense wealth and power. If your interested, please take a look at the article, Dutch Schultz and The American Dream.

dialogue-tags-1024x402A great piece by Lynette Noni! The He-Said-She-Said Of Dialogue Tags.

Deadly Cult CoverI’ve got a confession. I’m gay. Okay, perhaps not a big deal today, but growing up in the 1970s it was. I also had a double-whammy. My father was a minister, which made me the preacher’s gay kid. Check out the piece I wrote for Bold Strokes Books’ Author Blog

Janet Reid, Literary Agent: Agents going off the rail: is a great piece.

“A while back I posted a question from a writer who seriously wondered if her agent was dead or abducted by aliens.” Read more.